SUSTAIN Podcast: Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for land and environmental activists, with a history of indigenous genocide linked to colonial land grabs, the Cold War and deadly coups. Dr Pauline Herbst speaks with Maya Q’eqchi’ community leader in education Fredy Oxom and anthropologist Dr Callie Vandewiele to find out why a silent indigenous led protest is important for biodiversity.

SUSTAIN is a podcast hosted by Dr Pauline Herbst Dr Pauline Herbst, with writer, Fredy Oxom, Maya Q’eqchi’ community leader in education and Dr Callie Vandewiele, lecturer Social Sciences.

The ideas expressed in this podcast reflect the author’s views and are not necessarily the views of
Ngā Ara Whetū.

Photo credits: Thank you Shalom de León from Unsplash

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