Current Research

Circular Innovations (CIRCUIT)

Using a holistic approach, the Circular Innovations (CIRCUIT) Centre focuses on converting the current linear economy, with its waste surplus and resource limitations, into a sustainable circular economy. CIRCUIT has assembled an experienced team with multi-disciplinary expertise who will work with industry stakeholders and communities to address the issues, and find the best solutions to transition Aotearoa into a low-carbon circular economy for long-term economic prosperity. CIRCUIT looks at all aspects of the circular economy transition: education, discovery, applied solutions, and social & economic aspects.

Leader: Saeid Baroutian 

Associated Ngā Ara Whetū director: Saeid Baroutian


This hub explores how to transform to fair and just sustainable futures for all by exploring the behaviours, values, practices, and education that can maintain and strengthen our planet’s life-support systems. Research encourages exploration at the knowledge-action interface; novel theories, methods and philosophical perspectives that nurture social-ecological systems and systems-wide cascading change. 

Leader: Sally Birdsall 

Associated Ngā Ara Whetū directors: Niki Harre, Maria Amoudian 

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Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland

Auckland 1010, Aotearoa New Zealand

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