Changing the world isn’t cheap. As an affiliate of Ngā Ara Whetū you gain exclusive access to funding opportunities to ensure your ideas aren’t held back.

Seed funding:


WORTH: Up to $10,000 per project. The total approximate funding available is $30,000.
DEADLINE: 4pm Monday, 31 July 2023

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Ngā Ara Whetū invites applications from affiliated members for Seed Funding. Applications need to be submitted by 4.00pm, Monday 31 July 2023 to  


The aim of this round is to support collaborative activities that align with Ngā Ara Whetū’s mission: to lead and contribute to world-class research and training, inspiring and driving just and ethical action on climate change and the environment for thriving peoples and planetary wellbeing.  We will prioritise applications that are transdisciplinary. 


Who can be supported by these funds? 

  • Ngā Ara Whetū affiliates, as listed on our website. You can easily join Ngā Ara Whetū if you are not listed by following the instructions here. 
  • Applications from postdoctoral fellows require a statement of support from their supervisor. 
  • Postgraduate students wishing to apply need to do so through their affiliated UoA supervisor. 


What you can use the funds for: 

  • Hosting of, or travel to, collaborative meetings 
  • Conference and workshop travel 
  • Consumables and user charges/analytical work 
  • Research assistants 


What you cannot use the funds for: 

  • Academic staff salary 
  • Equipment  
  • Grant writing support 


Total funds available 

  • Up to $10,000 per project. The total approximate funding available is $30,000. 



  • Expenditure must be completed by 5 Nov 2023, although activities may continue beyond this. 
  • Any outputs arising from this funding must include acknowledgment of Ngā Ara Whetū. 
  • Funded projects will be required to complete a short report on their activities. 



Applications will be evaluated and a recommendation for funding will be made by a Ngā Ara Whetū selection panel. Conflicts of interest will be managed by such people excusing themselves from discussion of those proposals. 


Application Form 


Applications need to be submitted by 4pm, Monday July 2023 to 


  1. Project Title: 

Click here to enter text. 


  1. List Ngā Ara Whetū member/s, proposed collaborators, roles in the project, and whether this is a new collaboration or a new project:

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  1. 3. Explain how this project supports Ngā Ara Whetū’s mission and indicate if it aligns with a Ngā Ara Whetū research hub (max 200 words).


  1. Project overview, including expected outcomes (max. 500 words, pitched to an interdisciplinary audience):

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  1. 5. How will your project contribute to or address aspects of Vision Mātauranga? Please indicate the relevant category or categories and, where appropriate, provide comment. Please also indicate whether the project is relevant to or of benefit to underrepresented groups.

Indigenous Innovation (economic sustainability) 

Taiao (environmental sustainability)  

Hauora/Oranga (health and social wellbeing) 

Mātauranga (indigenous knowledge) 

Not applicable 

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  1. 6. Estimated start and end date of project:

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  1. 7. Budget:

Provide a summary of the budget, including whether you will be able to undertake part or all of the proposed work with partial funding. Please also include a statement of any other sources of funding that can fully or partially support the project: 

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