Faculty School/Department Full name
ARTS COMPASS Research Centre Barry Milne
ARTS Cultures, Languages and Linguistics Jamie Gillen 
ARTS Development Studies Andreas Neef
ARTS History Jennifer Frost
ARTS Politics and International Relations Maria Armoudian
ARTS Public Policy Institute Jennifer Curtin 
ARTS Public Policy Institute Komathi Kolandai
ARTS Public Policy Institute Suzanne  Woodward 
ARTS Social Sciences James Clinton Oleson
ARTS Social Sciences Nicole Wegner
ARTS Humanities and Philosophy Marco Grix 
ARTS Sociology Manuel Vallee
ARTS Social Sciences Pauline Herbst
ARTS Theological and Religious Studies Micheal Mawson
ARTS Humanities and Philosophy Emily Parke
BUSEC Economics Basil Sharp
BUSEC Economics Emilson Silva 
BUSEC Management and International Business Hanoku Bathula 
BUSEC Management and International Business Antje Fiedler 
BUSEC Management and International Business Sasha Maher
BUSEC Management and International Business Rod McNaughton
BUSEC Management and International Business Yat Ming Ooi
BUSEC Management and International Business Daniel Tisch 
BUSEC Property William Cheung
BUSEC Commercial Law Chris Nicoll 
BUSEC Management and International Business Edward Yiu
BUSEC Management and International Business Rhiannon Llyod
BUSEC Management and International Business Rachel Wolfgramm
BUSEC CIE Darsel Keane
BUSEC Commercial Law Lynn Buckley
BUSEC Commercial Law Jagdeep Singh-Ladhar
BUSEC Information Systems and Operational Management Saima Qutab
CAI Architecture and Planning Elham Bahmanteymouri
CAI Architecture and Planning Iresh Jayawardena
CAI Architecture and Planning I-Ting Chuang
CAI Architecture and Planning Alessandro Premier 
CAI Dance Studies Mark Harvey
CAI Dance Studies Alys Longley 
CAI ELAM Gabriela Nuri Baron
CAI ELAM Angus  Donald Campbell 
CAI ELAM Alex Monteith
CAI ELAM Barbara Ribeiro
CAI Architecture and Planning Paola Boarin
EDUSOC Curriculum & Pedagogy Sally Birdsall 
EDSCO LDPP Frauke Meyer
FESW School of Critical Studies Victoria O’Sullivan
ENG Admin Claire Donald 
ENG Chemical and Materials Engineering Jingjing  Liu
ENG Civil and Environmental Kim  Dirks 
ENG Civil and Environmental Theuns Henning 
ENG Civil and Environmental Doug Wilson
ENG Civil and Environmental Cody Mankelow
ENG Civil and Environmental Liam Wotherspoon 
ENG Engineering Science Michael O’Sullivan
ENG Civil and Environmental Lokesh Padhye 
ENG Chemical and Materials Saeid Baroutian
ENG Chemical and Materials Meng Wai Woo
ENG Chemical and Materials Andrea Kolb
ENG Chemical and Materials Naresh Singhal 
ENG Chemical and Materials Wei-Qin Zhuang
ENG Civil and Environmental Roy Davies
ENG Civil and Environmental Christine Wing Kit (Yip)
ENG Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Priyanka Dhopade
ENG Civil and Environmental Sandeeka Mannakkara
FMHS Psychological Medicine David Menkes 
FMHS School of Pharmacy Sara Hanning 
FMHS Population Health Alistair  Woodward 
Law Environmental Caroline Foster
Law Law David  Grinlinton 
SCI Biological Sciences Jacqueline Beggs
SCI Biological Sciences Rochelle Constantine 
SCI Biological Sciences Kristal Cain
SCI Biological Sciences Anne Gaskett 
SCI Biological Sciences Cate Macinnis-Ng
SCI Biological Sciences Te Kahuratai Moko-Painting*
SCI Biological Sciences David Pattemore
SCI Biological Sciences Alexandra Palmer
SCI Biological Sciences Anna Santure 
SCI Biological Sciences Margaret  Stanley 
SCI Biological Sciences Florian Pichlmuller
SCI Biological Sciences Stephanie Dawes
SCI Biological Sciences Manpreet Dhami
SCI Biological Sciences Andrew Allan
SCI Chemical Sciences Daniel Furkert
SCI Chemical Sciences Erin Leitao
SCI Chemical Sciences Viji Sarojini
SCI Computer Science Mark Gahegan 
SCI Environment Mila Adam
SCI Environment Melissa Bowen
SCI Environment Martin Brook
SCI Environment Kathleen Campbell
SCI Environment Thomas  Dowling
SCI Environment Murray Ford 
SCI Environment Marie  Josephine Mcentee
SCI Environment Melanie  Kah
SCI Environment Robin Kearns
SCI Environment George  Perry
SCI Environment Luitgard Schwendenmann
SCI Environment Mark Dickson
SCI Environment Nicolas Lewis 
SCI Environment Emma Sharp
SCI Environment Carolyn Lundquist
SCI Environment Julie Rowland
SCI Environment Jennifer Salmond 
SCI Environment Rachael Boswell
SCI Environment Taylor Lee
SCI IMS Caitlin Blain 
SCI IMS Brendon Dunphy
SCI IMS Rebecca Gladstone-Gahlagger
SCI IMS Jenny Hillman
SCI IMS Andrew Jeffs
SCI IMS Craig Radford
SCI IMS Stefano Schenone
SCI IMS Simon Thrush
SCI IMS Alice Della Penna 
SCI Physics Christopher  Horvat
SCI Physics Stuart Murdoch
SCI Physics David Noone 
SCI Physics Frederique  Vanholsbeeck 
SCI Physics Michelle McCrystall
SCI Psychology Quentin  Douglas Atkinson 
SCI Psychology Niki Harre 
SCI Psychology Jade Le Grice 
SCI Psychology Katrina Phillips 
SCI Psychology Annette Henderson
SCI Psychology Kristina Wiebels 
SCI Psychology Nichola Raihani
SCI Statistics Rachel Fewster 

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