Embarking on academic research can be like setting sail across uncharted seas. But what if you had guiding stars that not only illuminated your path but also showcased your commitment to shaping a better world? Enter Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) keywords—a secret that could connect you with a global audience and make your mark on the academic landscape.

SDGs have become a global compass guiding efforts towards a more sustainable and equitable world. As academics, your research holds the potential to drive real-world change aligned with these goals. In this guide, we’ll delve into a powerful tool that can amplify the impact of your research: strategic keywords. By understanding how to harness the influence of keywords, you can navigate the academic landscape more effectively, align your work with SDGs, and contribute to the University of Auckland’s mission of advancing global sustainability.


The Influence of Keywords on Research Visibility:

In the vast realm of academia, visibility is key to making your research count. Think of SDG keywords as the guiding stars that lead readers to your work. These carefully chosen words act as entry points, allowing fellow academics, policymakers, and the global community to discover your research. By selecting keywords with precision, you not only make your work accessible but also increase the likelihood of it being cited and contributing to broader discussions.


Mapping Research to SDGs:

The SDGs provide a comprehensive framework for addressing multifaceted global challenges. As researchers, aligning your work with specific SDGs not only bolsters its relevance but also emphasises its potential impact. When selecting keywords, consider the SDGs that resonate most with your research objectives. Craft keywords that bridge the gap between your findings and the larger societal goals they can help achieve.


Crafting Effective SDG Keywords:

Choosing the right keywords requires a blend of art and strategy. Start by analysing your research’s core themes and its alignment with specific SDGs. Incorporate relevant SDG-related terms into your titles, abstracts, and content. Strike a balance between precision and inclusivity, ensuring that your keywords accurately represent your research while also resonating with broader audiences interested in SDGs. To see SDGs keywords related to your area of study, the University of Auckland SDG Keywords Dictionary Project has created an expanded list of keywords that can be used to identify SDG-relevant research. Here you can click on different SDGs to see which keywords are related to each goal.


Unveiling THE University Impact Rankings:

The Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings recognise universities for their contributions to SDGs through research, teaching, and community engagement. The University of Auckland was ranked first in the world in 2019 and again in 2020. This ranking system places a spotlight on how academic institutions influence positive change. Keywords play a crucial role here, as they serve as markers of your institution’s dedication to addressing global challenges. Every keyword-rich publication and course description becomes a testament to the University of Auckland’s commitment to the SDGs.


Fostering Collaborative Research Networks:

The power of collaborative research lies not only in its interdisciplinary nature but also in its potential to amplify the impact of SDG-related projects. Collaborations introduce diverse perspectives and expertise, often leading to a broader selection of keywords that attract a wider audience. By joining forces with colleagues across disciplines, you create a network that strengthens the impact of your research and enhances its visibility.


The University of Auckland’s Role:

As a prominent academic institution, the University of Auckland plays a pivotal role in shaping SDG-related research and conversations. By embracing strategic keyword selection, you contribute to the university’s reputation as a driver of positive change. Each carefully chosen keyword becomes a badge of honour, signalling your dedication to advancing global sustainability and inspiring others to follow suit.


Paving the Way for SDG Excellence:

Strategic keywords are not mere strings of characters; they are bridges connecting your research to the world. By mastering the art of keyword selection, you amplify the visibility of your work, align it with SDGs, and contribute to the University of Auckland’s mission. As academics, you hold the power to ignite change, and keywords are your tool to spark meaningful conversations, foster collaborations, and create a lasting impact on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

To find out more, visit The University of Auckland SDG Keywords Mapping.




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