The Climate Change Commission asked for input on the draft advice to inform the strategic direction of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan. Click below to see Ngā Ara Whetū’s policy submission:

Ngā Ara Whetū strongly supports the Climate Change Commission’s unequivocal advice to expedite and take significant action to meet Aotearoa New Zealand’s climate change commitments and goals.

We agree that the government’s current plan is insufficient on its own and that urgent action is necessary. We further agree that clarity about the government’s actions related to gross emissions reduction and CO2 removal is necessary and that policy choices align with delivering much more ambitious emissions reductions. We strongly support urgent, aggressive action in a much quicker timeline to avoid catastrophic consequences for all of us but especially for our most vulnerable populations. To read more, click below:


Ngā Ara Whetū Submission to the Climate Change Commission on the Government’s second emissions reduction plan



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