The Ministry for the Environment asked for advice on A redesigned NZ ETS Permanent Forest Category. Click below to see Ngā Ara Whetū’s policy advice:

Our policy advice in response to A redesigned NZ ETS Permanent Forest Category

Some background information: The Government asked for feedback on proposals to manage afforestation by redesigning the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme’s (NZ ETS) permanent forest category.

Last year the Government consulted on proposals to restrict permanent exotic forests in the New Zealand ETS in response to concerns about the impacts on the environment and rural communities from these forests. The proposals generated wide interest prompting the Government to further investigate changes to the permanent forest category.

There are three key decisions to consider when redesigning the permanent forest category:

  • Which forests should be allowed into the permanent forest category?
  • How should transition forests be managed to ensure they transition and reduce the financial risks to participants?
  • How should permanent forests be managed?

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