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We are delighted to share that Ngā Ara Whetū co-director Maria Armoudian (Arts) has been awarded the University of Auckland’s
Research Excellence Medal.

Maria has published three critically-acclaimed books, including Lawyers Beyond Borders: Advancing International Human Rights through Local Laws and Courts (2021: University of Michigan Press); Kill the Messenger: The Media’s Role in the fate of the World (Prometheus Books 2011), and Reporting from the Danger Zone: Frontline Journalists, Their Jobs and an Increasingly Perilous Future (2017 Routledge/Taylor and Francis).

Maria’s scholarship analyses the politics, governance, and communication of a wide range of issues, including water, human rights, marine ecosystems, climate change, human rights, democratic processes, war, genocide, and peace-making. Using experiments, dataset construction, statistical methods, ethnographies, historical data analysis, framing analysis, and interviews, her research seeks to shed light into the human-systems dynamics and factors for advancing or deterring our global aspirations of human rights, democracy/good governance, sustainability and peace. She has published in journals and edited volumes of social science, natural science and humanities and founded a series of media projects, including The Scholars’
Circle radio programme (now in its 17th year), the online publication, the Big Q, and two additional series that aired on RNZ.

In addition to Maria’s scholarship, her media pieces have appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times Syndicate, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, the Los Angeles Daily News, Psychology Today, the New Zealand Herald, Newsroom, Stuff, Salon, the Progressive, and she has appeared in more than 100 broadcast interviews. Maria has also served as an environmental commissioner in the City of Los Angeles, board member of many nonprofit NGOs in New Zealand and the U.S., and worked in the California Legislature. 

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