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The Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland (UoA) research centre Ngā Ara Whetū – Climate, Biodiversity and Society has three UoA doctoral scholarships to award in 2023. These scholarships will support our mission to undertake world-class research and training that drives just and ethical action on climate change and the environment for thriving peoples and planetary wellbeing. In selecting scholarship recipients, we will be informed by the objectives set out in Taumata Teitei (the University’s strategic plan) including the desire to:

• Nurture, recruit, and retain outstanding research talent

• Support excellent research and the creation of high-quality research outputs

• Support transdisciplinary research

• Grow Māori and Pacific research scholarship

• Develop and strengthen relationships with communities and stakeholders

• Support equity, diversity, and inclusivity in research

Transdisciplinarity iteratively interweaves knowledge systems, skills, methodologies, values, and fields of expertise within inclusive and innovative collaborations, across academic disciplines and outside academia, to develop transformative outcomes that respond to societal challenges. At UoA, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, kaupapa Māori, tikanga, Māori and Pacific knowledge systems, values and perspectives, inform and shape transdisciplinary activity.

The stipend is $33,000 per annum and will be adjusted annually to the consumer price index (CPI). All other tuition and compulsory fees, including the single student Health Insurance compulsory charge for international candidates, will be paid. Further information on the scholarships is available here.

Scholarship applicants must contact their proposed supervisors well in advance of the closing date for applications since supervisors’ involvement in the development of the Statement of Research Intent is strongly advised and supervisors’ endorsement of the proposed project is required on the application form. Students and at least one supervisor will also need to attend an interview as part of the selection process. Further information about the University of Auckland Doctoral Programme can be found here.

The Ngā Ara Whetū Selection Committee will assess all applications received against the following criteria:

• The student must have a demonstrated capacity for excellence in scholarship

• The student must contribute to the mission of Ngā Ara Whetū (see above)

• The student must commit to involvement in the life of Ngā Ara Whetū as it evolves during their enrolment as a doctoral candidate

• The proposed research must be clearly transdisciplinary in nature

• The supervisors must be affiliated to Ngā Ara Whetū and from at least two Faculties/large scale research institutes

• Where relevant, proposals must consider the relation of the research to the themes of Vision Mātauranga and how the project will engage with Māori.

• We encourage research that includes community/external partners where relevant

How to apply

Students need to submit the application form below and include a Statement of Research Intent, student’s CV, and academic transcript. Note that supervisors must sign your application form. The deadline for submission of proposals is 12 noon Wednesday, 1 March 2023 to

Taking up your scholarship

Students must enrol for a UoA PhD programme by the dates shown in the table above to take up the scholarship, otherwise the scholarship offer will be forfeited.


Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied is correct and up to date. However, the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship regulations take precedence over all other material.

You are strongly advised to read the scholarship regulations for complete information, to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for scholarship consideration, and that you understand the implications of any regulations.

We invite students to apply for the scholarships by 1 March 2023 – further details and the application form are available here.

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